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    Schedule a consultation with one of our Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers. You should always hire an experienced debt relief attorney who is an expert in Chandler Bankruptcy law. A FREE consultation is an excellent place to find the solutions you need for debt relief and freedom.An attorney can evaluate your debt and offer professional legal advice. There is no obligation to retain our legal services.

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    If you are facing wage garnishment, home foreclosure, or vehicle repossession, Chandler Bankruptcy Law Firm offers affordable payment plans to help you regain control. If you are lacking the money up front, we offer $0 down bankruptcy and file now, pay later payment options which allow you to file a case and pay the remaining fees over time. Our Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers can file you the same day if you have an emergent situation. Don’t wait to see an attorney, we are fully staffed and can help you immediately.

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    $0 DownBankruptcy

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    When you need to take control of your debt, but cannot afford the legal fees, take advantage of our $0 Down bankruptcy program. We know that facing overwhelming debt leaves little funds for anything else, including a retainer. Because of this, My AZ Lawyers offer effective legal services at affordable, competitive pricing.

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    At Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers, our team is fluent in Arizona bankruptcy law and skilled with its application. We are driven by a commitment to helping Chandler residents get out of debt quickly and thoroughly. After a thorough debt evaluation, an attorney will advise you of your best options to provide debt relief suited to your specific needs and financial goals.


    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    Filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy with your Chandler bankruptcy attorney requires some preparation, as you will need to provide information about…

    Chapter 13
    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

    Chandler, Arizona Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often called “wage earners” bankruptcy. In this type of bankruptcy, in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case there is…

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    Foreclosure Assistance

    Contact our experienced foreclosure attorneys in Chandler to learn more about filing bankruptcy with zero money down to stop a home foreclosure.

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    Wage Garnishment

    Are your wages being garnished? Let our trusted wage garnishment lawyers explain the benefits of filing for bankruptcy when facing wage garnishment.

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    Stop Repossession

    Don’t let you vehicle be repossessed. Our auto repossession lawyers at Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers can help you file for bankruptcy and prevent vehicle repossession.

    Zero Down
    $0 Down Bankruptcy

    Need to file for bankruptcy, but don’t have the money to pay an attorney up-front? With My AZ Lawyers, you can file for bankruptcy with zero money down!

    Debt Settlement

    No matter what type of debt you are facing, our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys work tirelessly to help you get an optimal outcome.

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    Bankruptcy Means Test

    Determine if you’re eligible to file bankruptcy in Chandler, Arizona, with the Arizona Bankruptcy Means test.


    Experienced Chandler Bankruptcy Attorneys in Chandler, Arizona

    Consider hiring an experienced bankruptcy attorney from the Chandler bankruptcy law office of the My AZ Lawyers, PLLC when you are ready to take the steps toward your fresh financial start. With years of experience in filing hundreds of consumer bankruptcy cases in Chandler, Maricopa County, Arizona, our team of bankruptcy lawyers are ready to assist individuals, couples, and businesses who need to file for bankruptcy protection through a Chapter 7, Chapter 11, or Chapter 13.

    When you hire My AZ Lawyers, not only will you receive expert bankruptcy representation and guidance, but you will also experience professional assistance and counsel from start to finish. From your FREE initial consultation to the final day where your debt is discharged, you can expect compassionate, unbiased service through the process of filing bankruptcy in Chandler, Arizona.

    At Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers, we know that life can be stressful, especially with a mountain of debt added in. We also believe that you deserve better! An experienced Chandler bankruptcy attorney from our Chandler and Mesa bankruptcy law firm can help you find answers to your problems and give you the support and guidance you need. You will have the support of our incredible bankruptcy staff in every step of the process.

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    Don’t wait – visit our experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorneys today for your FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION. Talk with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer who knows the law and can tell you the real story and give you facts. Forget all bankruptcy misconceptions you have heard and any pressure from society, and make a decision that will give you a second chance and a better life.

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    At our office of Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers, we are dedicated to creating an informal, welcoming experience where you will feel comfortable to ask any questions and receive professional assistance finding a solution for your overwhelming debt. Many of our clients are facing foreclosure, repossessions, and wage garnishments. My AZ Lawyers is prepared to help you quickly put an end to these problems.

    When you are ready to trust our lawyers with your difficult situation, you will experience exceptional legal representation at an affordable fee. My AZ Lawyers, PLLC, at Chandler Bankruptcy Law Firm are ready to help you take advantage of the protections offered through Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy! We resolve your debt issues!

    Regardless of the reason one needs to declare bankruptcy — medical bills, loss of a job or income, overwhelming credit card debt, or being upside down on a mortgage or vehicle — My AZ Lawyers is ready to help you find an effective solution! You deserve better than spending your nights worrying about money and your days struggling to take control of debt. Visit Chandler Bankruptcy Lawyers today!