Stop a Wage Garnishment by Filing Bankruptcy

If you are facing a wage garnishment, contact our Wage Garnishment Lawyer immediately.  Don’t let your creditors take your hard earned money.  Stop their garnishment by filing for chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys.  Filing for bankruptcy will stop a wage garnishment.  Upon filing for bankruptcy, your Chandler wage garnishment lawyer will send notices to your employer and creditors that will cease wage garnishment.

There are some occasions when it takes time for the notice of your bankruptcy filing to reach the proper parties.  Thus, garnishment of wages may continue for a short period of time.  Keep in mind, if garnishment of wages continues after filing for bankruptcy protection, they must return the money to you.  These delays, though not common, are another reason why you should consider hiring a debt relief professional when perusing declaring bankruptcy in Chandler.

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A wage garnishment lawyer in Chandler, Arizona should be contacted right away if you are looking at potential wage garnishment or if money is already being taken from your paycheck to pay a creditor.  A wage garnishment can make it impossible to pay even essential living expenses.  If this is your case, it is imperative that you have an experienced Chandler bankruptcy lawyer by your side to assist in making sure your rights are being safeguarded.

Our Chandler wage garnishment lawyers will fight your wage garnishment.  We will also assist you in finding the debt relief solution that is the best for you and your family.  My AZ Lawyers Chandler wage garnishment attorneys will fight to minimize the effects of a wage garnishment in Chandler, Arizona.

The most common wage garnishment solutions include:

  • Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Emergency Bankruptcy Filing
  • Debt Negotiation
  • Contacting a Chandler Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Additionally, filing chapter 13 or chapter 7 bankruptcy can provide one of the quickest forms of relief for individuals who have had their wages garnished.  Upon filing of a bankruptcy all wage garnishments will halt.  This will allow you time to reorganize your debts and structure new payment plans on those obligations that you choose to continue to pay.  Regardless of your choice, our Chandler bankruptcy law firm can help you.

There are many reasons why you may be facing a wage garnishment.  Our Chandler wage garnishment attorneys do not pass judgement.  We know that in life sometimes things happen that are beyond your control.  No matter if you are facing: a run of bad luck, were recently divorced, just lost your job, or have recently faced health or other issues; our bankruptcy attorneys and staff understand and will approach your case understanding and compassion.

Lastly, our Chandler debt relief experts know that it is truly frustrating when you are working so hard to make ends meet and a wage garnishment comes along and takes a lot of your much needed income.  In many instances, creditors who receive a judgment against you can have the wages from your job garnished.  A wage garnishment means your full paycheck will not even reach your bank account but instead part of it will go straight to the creditors.  Take action today and visit with one of our Chandler wage garnishment lawyers, find out how we can help you with your wage garnishment problems.

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