Stop a Wage Garnishment by Filing Bankruptcy

If you are facing a wage garnishment, contact our Wage Garnishment Lawyer immediately.  Don’t let your creditors take your hard earned money.  Put a stop to your paycheck garnishment by filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy with a qualified attorney at our Chandler Bankruptcy Law Firm. Once the bankruptcy paperwork is filed, your Chandler wage garnishment lawyer will send official notices to your employer and creditors that will put an immediate end to wage garnishment. Upon filing for bankruptcy, your Chandler wage garnishment lawyer will send notices to your employer and creditors that will cease wage garnishment.

In some situations, the notice of your bankruptcy filing sent by the lawyer takes extra time to reach the appropriate parties, thus causing the wage garnishment to continue. While this is stressful, remember that all money pulled from your paycheck by your creditors after the date of the notice must be returned to you. While these delays are not common, they do happen, and are just another reason to consider hiring a professional debt relief expert rather than attempting to declare bankruptcy independently.

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Having your paycheck garnished can make it nearly impossible to make ends meet and pay essential living expenses. If you are facing this difficult situation, reach out to a trustedChandler bankruptcy lawyer right away to learn what can be done to protect you, your family, and your finances.

As experienced Chandler wage garnishment lawyers, My AZ Lawyers will fight diligently to protect your rights and your finances. Finding an effective debt relief solution that works for your needs is our top priority.

The most common wage garnishment solutions include:

  • Filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Emergency Bankruptcy Filing
  • Debt Negotiation
  • Contacting a Chandler Wage Garnishment Lawyer

One of the fastest ways to put a stop to wage garnishment is through filing a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Once the bankruptcy is filed, wage garnishment ends immediately, allowing you additional time to reorganize your debt, create a new payment plan, and decide how to prioritize your obligations. Our Chandler bankruptcy law firm is ready to help you!

Wage garnishment can occur for many reasons. Our Chandler wage garnishment attorneys do not pass judgement.  We are well aware that life brings many circumstances that are out of your control, whether you are dealing with a recent divorce, job loss, or medical emergency. Our bankruptcy staff and attorneys are unbiased, compassionate, and dedicated to approaching your case with an open slate.

Finally, our Chandler debt relief experts know that wage garnishment is simply the icing on the cake when you have worked so hard to make ends meet only to have that income whisked away. Often, creditors who receive judgement against you are authorized to pursue paycheck garnishment, which means that a portion of your paycheck will go straight to creditors before it even enters your bank account.Take action today to protect your paycheck by visiting one of our My AZ Lawyers! We are equipped to help!

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